Deb Bain-King artist statement

Underpinning my practice is an interest in how displacement and the severing of connection to the landscape of home is the experience of so many people. This has become a constant in my work.

After working as a socially engaged artist for some time, I have developed an interest in women’s stories of displacement from the environment and places of personal meaning.

Deb Bain-King CV



2011        Graduate Diploma, Art in Public Place, RMIT, Melbourne

2009        Masters in Fine Art, Monash University, Melbourne

2004        Bachelor Fine Art (Painting) Honours, Monash University


Exhibition experience
Solo exhibitions
2017        Floating, site specific projection, The Booth, Scalloway, Scotland, October 27
                Specimen, site specific projection, Little...No BIG, Footscray, March 5
2014        Finding Your Way, window installation, duratrans prints, PS50, RMIT University, March 6
                The Soft Stuff, performance and video installation, The Front, November 22
2013        Docklands Articulation, projection and participatory event, The Front, August
2010        People Who Don’t Know Each Other, video, Big Screen, Federation Square, August
2009        Consolations of the Wall, Video Installation, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, October  2008                               People Who don’t Know Each Other Stand in a Room: Video installation and participatory   
                performance, Shifted, Richmond, May
2007        Moments of Possibility and Becoming: Drawing installation, Span, Melbourne, July

Group Exhibitions         
2017        Specimen, video projection, little...No BIG, Footscray, March.

2016        Jack’s Magazine, site specific projection, Jack’s Magazine, Maribyrnong, Sept 26
                The Commemoration: Select Documents 2, installation, Yonder Art Space, Sept 16
                The Arrival, performance, Confluence: Art on Site in Docklands art walk, Melbourne, March
                Dear Artist, performance commemorating Yoko Ono, Patricia Todarello, and Lou Molesworth                             for International Women’s Day, Trocadero Art Space, Footscray, Melbourne, March
2015        Finding Your Way, large format projection, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, July
                Intuizione, street collaboration, projection and performance, West Projections, Footscray
                Visiting Paradise, digital print, Cowwarr Art Space, Cowwarr, October
2014        Welcome Home, performance and photography, Spazio Nour, Milan, November 21
2013        An Architecture for Secrets, collaborative installation and participatory event, The Front, Sept
2012        ICONS, Lone Woman, window installation, 10 digital prints on paper, Select Documents,
                audience participatory event at opening, Kings ARI, Melbourne, October 19 - November 11
2011        Concern for Nature, Hope for a Beautiful Future, collaborative video and traditional painting
                installation with Xianyang Normal University School of Art, China, September 27 - 29.
2010        Wish You Were Here, transmission of video via bluetooth, Trocadero Art Space,
                Footscray, June 19 - July 3
2008        From Mao to Now: - Beijing Olympics Cultural Exhibition: Video Installation,
                Newington Armory, Sydney, June 28th - September 28th
2007        Dreams of Art Spaces Collected (Projects): Artists in conversation about space.
                Project Deutscher Kunstlerbund,Berlin, Sept
2006        Plus Factors: Space Pork Adventures World Record Attempt to Widen
                Melbourne’s Narrowest Lane and other events, Australian Centre for Contemporary
                Art, Melbourne, March 6th - 13th
2005        Sydney Art on Paper Fair: Emerging Artists Exhibition, Moore Park, Sydney,
                Spacepork Adventures: The Collaborative Practice of Shelley Krycer,
                Deb Bain-King, Julie Burke, and Jeanette Purkis, Runt, Monash University,
2004        'Suddenly... a Face Melting Solo'. Collaborative video and installation with Damp,
                Constructed World, Norma, and Cuckoo, Basekampf, Philadelphia,
2003        Marginalia: Site specific sound installation, responses to Melbourne Town Hall,  Melbourne


2015        Honourable Mention, Gertrude Street Projection Festival
2005        Winner Fresh Emerging Artist Award 2005, Sydney Art on Paper Fair,
2004        Australian Post-graduate Award Scholarship

Other Experience
2018        Ongoing Community Liaison with Little No…BIG Art Space Footdcray
2017        Residency with Workshop and Artist Studio Provision Scotland, The Booth, Shetland Islands
                FLOAT - Small Town Transformation Project, Lake Tyers Beach, East Gippsland
                Community Liaison with Little…No BIG Art Space, Footscray
                Specimen - Little No Big Artist workshop program for primary school children.
                Director and curator of The Front, floating entity supporting artists creating art in public
                space. Dedicated to site specific, participatory and collaborative art.
                Cowwarr Art Space artist residency, Cowwarr, October
2013 - 15 Director and curator at The Front Art Space, participant in Docklands Spaces project,
                Harbour Town, Docklands.        
2012        Liaised with Cultural Partnerships Australia to link Melbourne artists      
                with visiting Chinese artists and curators from Kunming and Chongqing, to develop
                curator and artist exchange.                         
2011        RMIT public art project with Xian Yang Normal university, Shaanxi province, China.
                Street projection, Tokyo
                Hobson’s bay Art in Public Place Program.
                Dandenong Market Art in Public Place Program.
2010        Co-curator Forged!, community project to mark the closure of Forges of Footscray.
2007        Red Gate Residency, Beijing.
2002        Space Pork Adventures, collaborative art group
                Involved in Commonwealth Games +Plus Factors program,  at ACCA, Clubs Project
                and Damp.



2014       Curation Projects
              My House of Loneliness, Lou Molesworth, installation,The Front, Docklands, Dec 2014
              Kids Commission, Keith Wong, Installation, The Front, Docklands, Oct 2014
              The Making of Meaning, Anne Bennett, window installation,The Front, Docklands, Sept 2014
              Hardcore, Craig Cole, painting on concrete installation, The Front, Docklands, Sept 2014
              Concrete Terra, ACAB + Nikk Hertzog,aircon pipe installation, video, The Front, Docklands, Aug 2014
              Love is.. Sonia Donellan, stickytape installation, The Front, Docklands, July 2014
              Wall to Wall, Bill Bridges, painting installation, co -curator Erica Kurec, The Front, Docklands, May 2014
              The Stillness of Absence Riza Manalo, performance, The Front, Docklands, April 2014
              River of Mists and Shadows Lou Molesworth & Ben Snaith, installation, performance with
              walk, The Front, Docklands, May 2014
              Wall Work Patricia Todarello, window installation, The Front, Docklands, Feb 2014
              Attempts at Suspension Shelley Krycer, window installation, The Front, Docklands, Jan 2014
2013       The Carbon Cycle Paul Irving, installation reclaimed timber, The Front, Docklands, Nov 2013
               Rev Heads Brendan Lee, video installation, The Front, Docklands, Nov 2014
              For Time of Time window installation, The Front, Docklands, Oct 2013
              Radial Aaron Martin, stripped tyres, video, The Front, Docklands, Oct 2013
              Suspended Animation wooden suspension bridge, The Front, Docklands, Sept 2013
              An Architecture for Secrets Shelley Krycer, Deb Bain-King, workshops, participatory event,
              tissue paper installation, The Front, Docklands, Sept 2013
              Falling at Docklands Anne Mirron, installation, video, The Front, Docklands, Aug 2013
2012       Accumulate-Proliferate, Dena Ashbolt, Catherine Clover, Keith Wong, Patricia Todarello
              C3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford.
              Sensation and Fabrication, co curator with David Warnock, Andrew Gutteridge,
              Kristin McIver, Paul Yore, Keith Wong
              Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds.