Finding Your Way: Finding Home

"Finding Your Way : Finding Home” Gertrude Street Projection Festival, 2015, (honourable mention award) is inspired by the heightened colour of the neon signage that used to be common in Melbourne city streets. The work reflects upon a truly Melbourne aspect of life, immigration.

Silence in return

Photo credit: Deb Bain-King

Silence in return, ( video projection, Unst, Shetland Islands, 2012) projection on 17th century manor house. It reflects upon the experience of women in isolated communities of pressure, surveillance and gossip.

Small Space Episode

Photo credit: Deb Bain-King

Video originally shot and installed on 20 hr sleeper train from Shanghai to XianYang, 2011.   

In July 2013 part of Circlework, Trocadero Art Space,Footscray. Ceiling mounted projection playing on top of a plinth, 35 x 40 cm

People who don't know each other stand in a room.

3 stream video projection with opening night performative event, Shifted Gallery, Richmond, May 2008.

People who don’t know each other stand in a room, was filmed in Melbourne, Beijing and Palermo. The purpose was to look at how people form and negotiate social and personal boundaries in public settings by disrupting the conversation as a process of  building relationships.

The people in the video were asked to stand in a space without speaking to each other for a minute at a time, alternating with moving to another space where they could speak to each other if they desired. The way time and space, interact with culture as physical embodiment emerged over time. The performative event that took place on the opening night, replayed the video action but also held up a mirror to the roles of audience and performer. The video was later shown at the Beijing Olympics Cultural Exhibition in Sydney, 2008 and the Big Screen at Federation Square Melbourne in 2011.