Select Documents: commemorating the absence of women in the Australian historical narrative. Oct, 2014

Participatory performance, Icons, Kings ARI, Melbourne, Oct 19, 2014.

Women who attended the opening of Icons, were asked to stand on a large reproduction of a page of Manning Clark’s Select Documents in Australian History. One of the few pages in which mentions of women were made.

 The following instructions were handed to participants:

                                                    Welcome to

                                           SELECT DOCUMENTS

A performative event to honour the women of the past and present who have helped to shape Australian society,
but are absent from the historical record and our awareness.

all you have to do is enter the space

stand on the floor print for 2 - 3 minutes with your head bowed.
(there will be other women in the space already and others will join you.)
If you can stay for 2 - 3 minutes that would be good, but stay as long as you like remembering the women of Australia who have preceded you. Then just leave and rejoin the opening.

A big thankyou for taking part

An Architecture For Secrets, Sept 2013

Installation and participatory work, The Front Art Space, Docklands, Melbourne, September 2013.
An Architecture for Secrets was the result of a collaboration with Shelley Krycer responding to Docklands as a site. An Architecture for Secrets was a counter gesture to the surrounding urban environment. Responding to the multi-faceted non-porous architecture of the Docklands, paper forms that require slowness, precision and care to handle were used as a vehicle to imagine a transformed environment.

The following instructions were given:
Shelley Krycer and Deb Bain King invite you to imagine and construct spaces for kindness using delicate modular paper forms. This participatory work considers our own delicate ontology and makes an attempt at a counter gesture to the surrounding urban environment as interaction with the forms requires slowness, precision and care.
The work asks what an architecture for secrets might be and allows for different articulations to take form.



1: We'd like to discover what an architecture for secrets might be. Please help us by imagining it.

2: Feel free to rearrange the paper forms to build spaces for secrets, for kindness.

3: Please handle the paper forms (and yourself and others) with care.

4.Take a photo of your structure and email it to us at We’ll print it up and add it to the photos on the wall.